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Looking for a leading supplier of artificial grass products that are all eligible for fast delivery across the UK? Look no further, our premium artificial grass ensures you get a stunning lawn all year round. We have three core synthetic lawn products that are designed to suit all budgets and projects with prices starting as low as £22.50 per 1m2. No matter what type of artificial grass you’re looking for, we guarantee to have something available to make your project flourish.

ECO LAWN Artificial Turf

Of the range of artificial grass we have available, our ECO LAWN is one of our most popular. Prices start from £29.50 per 1m2 and is a perfect all-rounder for busy family homes and pets.

Garry Halsey
Garry Halsey
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Placed an order for over 100m2 of artificial grass. Really happy with the grass and looks just like the real thing. Would recommend.
John Bourn
John Bourn
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Great service and fast delivery. Will use again for future projects as more reliable than my old supplier. Thanks!
Matt Kohli
Matt Kohli
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Delivery was fast, and the turf arrived fresh and in great condition. Special thanks to Dan for his excellent customer service. I’d recommend BuyLawnTurf to anyone looking to upgrade their garden this summer!

PRIMA Artificial Turf

A 40mm pile high grass. The PRIMA is our entry level product and considered to be an affordable and cheap artificial grass, but don’t let that put you off. It’s child and pet friendly, and durable enough to brush lines through if needed. PRIMA turf starts from £22.50 per 1m2.

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OPTIMA Artificial Turf

OPTIMA is the middle-tier of our artificial grass range. It comes with a 40mm pile, and is an effortless astroturf to maintain. it’s easy to install, child and pet friendly, and is complete with a lush green colour for a realistic finish. Prices start from £24.50 per 1m2.


So you’re looking to install new artificial grass, and why wouldn’t you? Fake grass is a great alternative to natural grass due to its easy maintenance and high durability. As a leading supplier of artificial grass online, we pride ourselves in stocking the very best quality products available for our customers – so you’re in safe hands!

If this is the first time you’ve decided to get artificial grass online our helpful guide will take you through the basics to get you going in the right direction.


All of the artificial grass we sell is pet-friendly and child safe, and made from the best materials available. Before you buy fake grass, make sure you understand what materials have been used to create the product. 

Our ECO grass is our leading, premium artificial grass, in fact it’s often mistaken for real grass it’s that good! It’s no secret that most artificial products and grass comes with its limitations as they cannot be recycled. However, the ECO LAWN is a recyclable product due the the backing being manufactured from the same polymers as the swards.

Avoid buying cheap artificial turf online that is low in quality product – instead, benefit from a luxury artificial grass that will last you for years to come.


Pile height is something that you’re likely to read and hear a lot about when your researching grass. It simply refers to the measured height from the backing to the top of the surface fibre. Most astro turf comes in a range of pile heights.

  • Under 20mm pile is commonly used for decorative projects and putting greens. 20-30mm piles is a good mid-range pile for fake grass and is best suited to residential grass gardens with small amounts of foot traffic. 30-40mm piles is the most common and popular pile height as it offers a luscious, natural finish that is generally soft and comfortable under your feet.
  • 40mm artificial grass is a great option for a residential family garden as it strikes a good balance of looking great, with low maintenance. Over 40mm piles tend to offer a bit of a wow-factor. They allow gardens to appear more extravagant, but are not best suited to frequent use and recreational play.

Does it need to be durable?

This is more down to your own personal circumstances. If you’re looking to use artificial grass as a replacement for natural grass in a family home, then yes, it needs to be durable. However, if you’re looking to use it decoratively, something less durable will work well for your outdoor space.


The grass we sell is environmentally friendly. Our ECO LAWN base is recyclable, which is very uncommon with most synthetic grass. Unfortunately, most fake lawns are non-recyclable.

MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTS for an artificial lawn

One of the biggest benefits of artificial grass is the low maintenance. Despite it needing little effort from you day to day, there are a few maintenance tips you need to consider before buying your grass to make sure you maintain the perfect lawn.

  • Brushing and raking regularly – This really does help maintain the fibres of the carpet, it also prevents any matting and flattening if its been installed in a high traffic area of your garden or outdoor space. (Brushing the fibres also makes it look fantastic too).

  • Removing any litter and weeds – Make sure you brush off any debris such as dirt or dried mud and clear up any litter. This prevents any build-ups and ensure the grass is able to drain correctly. Failing to do so could encourage bacteria and weed growth.

  • Remove any pet droppings – We know, when you gotta go, you gotta go. But make sure you take the time to clean your synthetic turf after your furry friends have dropped a number 1 or 2… you can do this easily with clean water and detergent.

  • Clean any accidental spills – Especially in those summer months when the BBQ is firing and the summer drinks are flowing. If you do spill onto the pile. make sure to clean it right away with water and pat dry.

Artificial grass installation guide

Before you install artificial grass you need to prepare the area, just as you would if you were laying natural garden grass.
  1.  Remove any of the existing natural grass and excess soil, before starting to level out the installation area. Once you’ve levelled the space using a roller and rake, you’ll want to install a weed membrane to prevent any weeds from breaking through and destroying your grass. Trust us here, you’ll want to do this to make sure you get the perfect lawn all year round.

  2. Laying your new artificial lawn comes next. Roll out the new carpet over the freshly prepared and level area. You can use a utility knife to cut to size and fit it into the area. You’ll need to ensure you use seaming tape and outdoor adhesives to fix the rolls together.

  3. Add some secure edging (optional) to ensure the edges of the new turf is secure.

  4. Apply a thin layer of sand over the top of the grass and then use a good strong stiff brush to brush it through the fibres.

  5. Trim any excess and enjoy your new garden by brushing against the grain of the grass and give it a very light water to help the sand or any infill settle properly to help with drainage.



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common Artificial turf FAQs (and answers)

What size artificial turf can i buy?

As one of the UK’s leading supplier of fake grass, we have a range of sizes available to purchase online. Our ECO range comes in 4m widths, our PRIMA range comes in 5m widths and our OPTIMA range also comes in 5m widths.

Are delivery costs different for artificial turf?

Unlike some other sites, we don’t charge different delivery rates for any of our products. Instead, all of our shipping costs are calculated by your delivery postcode. you can find out more information on our delivery rates here.

Can I get a sample before placing my order?

Unfortunately, at this time, we’re unable to provide samples of our grass throughout the UK.

How much does artificial grass cost?

Our cheapest artificial grass is the PRIMA which starts at £22.50 per square metre. Our other turf products are slightly more in price with the OPTIMA starting from £24.50 per square metre and our ECO range is our premium product and bestseller which starts at £29.50 per 1m2.

Is there a minimum order quantity for artificial turf?

This varies depending on the product you would like to be delivered. The ECO has a minimum order of 16m2, the PRIMA also has a minimum order of 16m2 and the OPTIMAs minimum order is also 16m2.

Do you offer an installation service?

In order to be able to offer the lowest prices, we don’t offer an installation service unfortunately. We supply and deliver only.