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Well balanced, packed full of the right nutrients, and well aerated. Buy topsoil from to ensure the highest quality soil, dressing and bedding mix available. Our customers love the quality, and speed of which our disease-free topsoil is delivered across the UK. We have a small, but superb selection of mixes and composts available, and if you’re unsure, you can contact our team who will be happy to help you to make sure you choose the right product to support your lawn and turf.

Garry Halsey
Garry Halsey
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Placed an order for over 100m2 of artificial grass. Really happy with the grass and looks just like the real thing. Would recommend.
John Bourn
John Bourn
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Great service and fast delivery. Will use again for future projects as more reliable than my old supplier. Thanks!
Matt Kohli
Matt Kohli
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Delivery was fast, and the turf arrived fresh and in great condition. Special thanks to Dan for his excellent customer service. I’d recommend BuyLawnTurf to anyone looking to upgrade their garden this summer!

Top soil Buying Guidance

Whether you’re buying topsoil for a DIY or landscape project, ordering your topsoil online from a leading supplier such as ourselves doesn’t need to be stressful, as you can quickly find exactly what you need and arrange for quick delivery across the UK. We’ll even do our best to get your bulk order of soil delivered to you by the next day when we can.

Use our helpful guide below to know more about what you’re buying, and how much you might need without the use of a topsoil calculator.


Before preparing your grass with any old soil mixture, it’s important to know what is suitable for your current space. Knowing whats in blended topsoil and the composition is crucial for healthy growth, and making sure your turf settles correctly.

Here are some key things to consider:

Nutrients – You’re going to want to ensure that the soil contains the right balance of nutrients. A well balanced topsoil will encourage healthy growth for your plants and turf.

Water Retention – It’s important to get a good premium topsoil that has a good blend of sand, silt and clay. This helps encourage proper drainage and prevents water logging and pooling.

Texture – The ideal mix will allow for proper aeration and this all comes from the texture. High quality topsoils will allow for proper airflow which is vital for root development and microbe activity.


We’re proud to offer sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Knowing where and how your soil is produced and prepared goes a long way to ensure that it hasn’t contributed to soil degradation or environmental damage – even more so when you buy online.

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Know how much you need

Most online topsoil suppliers like ourselves will do their best to be consistent with how much is delivered. Before placing an order, make sure you calculate how much soil or bedding mix you’re going to need.

Our bulk bags come in large quantities – and each bag will contain approximately 850L of soil. So take a look at your project before and use the following formula to calculate how much you’re going to need:

  1. Measure the total coverage area in square metres or square feet;
  2. You’ll then need to decide on the depth. For lawns, a good depth is typically between 10-15cm, for more general gardening purposes slightly deeper between 15-20cm and for vegetable beds between 30-40cm is advised;
  3. You can then multiply the area x depth. This will give the volume of soil needed.

We sell our topsoil in large bags so its tricky to specify an exact amount, however, they tend to equate to 0.8 of a cubic meter. It’s also very common for a specialist soil company to sell in weight so be sure to check before ordering.

How Should I Store It After Purchase?

Making sure that the topsoil is kept in a well drained area, that is free from pests is key. You’ll want to ensure that you keep it well covered, but minimise the storage time. This is to prevent it from deteriorating quickly.

To help it maintain the beneficial microorganisms and ecological cycles within the soil, you should look to create small, shallow piles rather that big deep ones.


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common Topsoil FAQs (and answers)

Can I buy topsoil in small quantities?

Unfortunately, our mixes are only available in large quantities. Each bag contains approximately 0.8 of a cubic metre so you can expect to receive around 850L per bag.

How is the bag of topsoil delivered?

All of our products are delivered by our courier partners, with a forklift. This help to prevent unnecessary mess on your driveway.

Do I need to apply fresh topsoil when laying a new turf?

You don’t need to when you lay a new lawn. However, it’s generally good practice to as it will help your new lawn establish itself and promote healthy roots beneath the new grass.


To calculate how much you’re going to need simply measure the area in square metres and then measure the depth. Simply multiply the total area x depth and this will give you the volume required.