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How to Protect Your Lawn Turf in a Heatwave

10 Tips on How to Protect Your Lawn in a Heatwave

Looking for advice on how to protect your lawn in a heatwave? The UK is often associated with poor weather – especially rain. But occasionally, we do experience sudden heatwaves in the build up to the summer months. Understanding how to care for your lawn correctly during hot weather can

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How Thick is Garden Turf

How Thick is a Roll of Garden Lawn Turf

How thick is garden lawn turf? Generally, most rolls of fresh lawn turf come in rolls that are between 25-45mm thick. This can vary depending on the freshness of the turf itself as it does have a tendency to shrink during delivery. Artificial grass turf will typically come in thicker

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How Long After Laying New Turf Can I Walk On It

How Long After Laying New Turf Can I Walk On It?

Around 3 weeks. If you have just had a new lawn laid, this is the time we recommend you wait before walking on it or allowing any consistent traffic. This ensures that the new turf is able to grow new, shallow roots after the 2-week mark and then after approximately

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How to Measure Garden for Turf

How to Measure a Garden for Lawn Turf

Measuring your garden for fresh new grass doesn’t need to be difficult. This handy guide will explain how you can easily measure your garden so you know exactly how much turf you need for your project. Simply follow the instructions provided to learn how to measure a garden for turf,

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How to Stack Turf

How to Stack Turf to Build a Compost Turf Stack

If you’re passionate about gardening, whether that be as a DIY gardener or professional landscaper. You probably want to learn how to stack turf correctly for one of the following reasons: You want an environmentally-friendly way to dispose of unwanted turf; You’re keen to create new habitats for wildlife in

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