How Long After Laying New Turf Can I Walk On It?

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Around 3 weeks. If you have just had a new lawn laid, this is the time we recommend you wait before walking on it or allowing any consistent traffic. This ensures that the new turf is able to grow new, shallow roots after the 2-week mark and then after approximately 6-weeks your new turf will have had time to fully establish and be ready to enjoy.

“How long after laying new turf can I walk on it?”

It’s one of the most common questions we get asked, so let’s dive into the details and explain why it’s so important to be patient.

Why You Have to Wait Before Walking on New Turf and Lawns

One of the most important things to consider here is that your newly laid turf has been freshly cut and delivered to you prior to installation – we’re proud to ensure that when you place an order with us, the turf is actually cut and delivered the same day – it’s what ensure it’s quality!

This means that it’s spent time, detached from it’s original location on one of our turf suppliers farms and as a result has spent considerable time in transit.

Why does this matter you ask?

Our suppliers are based in Lincolnshire, which means the new grass has had to travel anywhere from 75-120 miles before it arrives with you. This means that it’s also been deprived of water, vital nutrients, important levels of natural sunlight and even oxygen that it would otherwise have easy access to.

So we suggest you wait at least 3-weeks before walking on your turf. This gives it plenty of time to start establishing itself in your garden or outside space.

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How Long After the Initial Lay Should You Wait?

We’ve mentioned it a few times already, but 3 weeks.

This is the absolute minimum amount of time you should wait before walking on new lawn turf. This makes sure it’s able to fully establish, and provide you with the lush, green oasis you’ve dreamed of ready for the summer.

Walking on Freshly Laid Turf Advice

After Laying Turf How Can I Look After It?

So you’ve laid your new turf. You’re keen to start enjoying it and want to know “when can I use my new lawn?”. Before you enjoy it, you need to know how to look after it, and care for it post-installation.

Now most landscapers and turf installers will provide you with some sound advice to help the root system establish. They may even offer you some advice on when to mow, what fertiliser to use (if needed) and you can avoid the dreaded patch from appearing over time.

Here are our top recommendations and tips for caring for you new lawn after it’s been laid:

  1. Keep the soil hydrated and water your new lawn. You can do this by making sure that the turf is watered at least twice a day for the first 7 days. At this point you’re looking to give the grass the best chance of remaining healthy and establishing as quickly as possible. After the first week, you can then increase the amount of watering to 3 times a week for the next 5-6 weeks.
  2. Keep it fertilised. If your chosen installer hasn’t suggested it already, then you should look to make sure of a well balanced fertiliser. Don’t panic, this doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with your new grass. It simply provides a boost for the nutrients it requires that will allow healthy growth long term.
  3. Avoid mowing it right away. You’ll need to avoid mowing it after it’s been laid until it’s at least 5-6 inches in height. When you do come to mowing it for the first time, be careful and make sure that you don’t cut it too low as this could increase the risk of scalping it and destroying it before it’s had time to bed in.
  4. Keep traffic to a minimum where possible. It’s tricky, especially if your household has young children, and or pets. But really try to avoid allowing anyone to walk on your lawn before that 3 week mark. It really does make the difference and allows the turf rolls to grow perfectly.
  5. Stay vigilant and monitor. Keep your eyes peeled for any signs of crafty weeds. If you do find any, make sure to get them removed carefully and try not to damage the turf. The best way to do this is by hand, rather than using a weeding tool as it could damage the roots that are trying to grow.

What Happens If I Walk On My New Lawn Without Waiting?

If you do walk on the lawn before the recommended 3 week period, one of the risks you’re opening yourself and your lawn up to is unnecessary soil compaction.

This essentially means that, by walking on the new lawn you are compacting the soil which can make it a lot harder for roots to form and grow evenly. As well as stunting the growth, you may also be preventing it from establishing in a healthy manner which could make it more vulnerable to lawn diseases in the future.

Other possible risks include damaging the turf by causing rips and possibly tears, impeded root development, a greater risk of bare patches and even diseases.

As a general rule, avoid walking on your new laid grass for the recommended period of time. This will allow it time to establish correctly, leaving your fresh new lawn lush, green and healthy for years to come.

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